Advantages of Getting a Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry

Advantages of Getting a Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry

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The latest trends in purchasing jewelry have witnessed an emerging surge in the purchase of lab-grown diamond jewelry. Lab diamonds are artificial diamonds, created in the lab. Their properties make them purer stones and provide them with similar characteristics as naturally formed diamonds. 

Today, lab diamond jewelry has become the first choice for many customers. Their cost-effectiveness and the fact that they have similar properties to a naturally formed diamond, make them a go-to option for a variety of buyers.  

No matter how much you can afford or how much you want to spend behind your loved one, lab diamonds are your practical approach to the dilemma. Getting lab-created diamonds is the best way to save some extra cash as they are more affordable in comparison to natural diamonds. 

However, before we jump into the purchase, let’s have a look at the factors that we should know, before making any such purchase. 

Factor to Know Before Purchasing Lab Diamonds


Lab-grown diamonds cost much less than naturally grown diamonds. Lab diamonds are formed over a few weeks or months, whereas natural diamonds are formed below the earth’s crust over a period of billions of years. Lab diamonds are also mass-produced and have less to nil resale value. 

Low resale value and mass production are some of the prominent reasons why lab diamonds are more affordable. People on a tight budget are recommended to buy these diamonds as they offer a natural diamond’s premium look at a lesser cost. 

Although, you should be careful while buying lab diamonds, as it is necessary to choose a trusted shopping platform when buying precious items like diamonds.


Naturally-grown diamonds have more value and demand in comparison to lab-based diamonds. It does not mean that lab diamond rings are far behind the race. Due to the rareness of natural diamonds, they are of more value and stay in demand all the time. 

Many couples prefer to buy natural diamonds for their engagement ceremony due to their rare nature. Most people fail to notice that no matter how long it took to produce the diamond, the quality of lab gemstones seems just as good as the naturally resourced ones. 


Rarity constitutes the cut, clarity, shape, and design of the diamond rather than whether it is lab or naturally produced. There is a range of shapes in which diamonds are available, starting from the cushion, round, princess to oval, and chandelier. Halo diamond rings are much in demand these days due to their unique design of a singular central piece surrounded by multiple smaller diamond pieces. 

The key is to be wise while ordering diamond jewelry rather than getting a natural diamond that does not seem to look as good as it should. The cut, clarity, and shape are some of the critical aspects that play a huge role in making the final product look good.  

Also, twist loop mounting and many other kinds of unique mountings are available in the market too. So, diamond mounting also is a part of the reason why diamond jewelry looks so aesthetic. The rarity of diamond jewelry depends on how it is polished and crafted more than from where it came. 

What Makes You an Expert Buyer? 

The key is to research well about the brand or the website which you are getting your engagement ring from to ensure its quality. Whether it be lab-made or naturally produced, you need to look into the fact that the final product is made with good craftsmanship and care to get a solid ornament that will stun everybody at the wedding altar. 

There is almost no difference in the quality and looks of a naturally-grown and a lab-grown diamond. So, those people searching for a budget-friendly ring should choose among the wide variety of ranges in lab diamond engagement rings. You are more than welcome to get naturally-produced diamonds as well if you want. 

The only thing you should make sure, regardless of if you are purchasing a lab-made or a naturally resourced product, is that the 4Cs are up to the mark. The 4Cs, namely, color, cut, clarity and carat weight, are the essential factors when buying a diamond jewelry item. 

Bottom Line

Ultimately it is your decision which type of diamond ring to buy, lab-based or natural. There are several benefits attached to purchasing a lab-grown diamond that has been listed in detail here. For further assistance, it is recommended to get in touch with a seller or a mass producer of diamonds who understands all the nitty-gritty about lab diamonds production. 

In the end, you would want the best for your loved one, so choose the one ring wisely while keeping all the guidelines provided here in mind. It surely will woo your lady the second time at her engagement ceremony. So, wait no more, order a lab-grown engagement ring from a trusted resource right now, and surprise your wife-to-be!

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